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What we do?

 As our first venture, we've harnessed the potential of agricultural waste, pomegranate peels, to craft an eco-conscious alternative to traditional leather.


Through our unique and eco-friendly process, we're giving a second life to discarded peels from the food industry, reimagining them as a "better" leather. Guided by the principle of circularity, we've turned waste streams into aesthetically pleasing, multi-functional materials. After 18 months of intensive lab research and hard work, we've successfully captured the essence of traditional leather while using 100% plant-based ingredients.


Our dedication to sustainability remains unwavering. Our practices are in harmony with the environment, free from harmful chemicals and waste discharge. Yugen's bio-based leather delivers the tactile richness of premium leather, with a significantly reduced environmental footprint compared to conventional leather and synthetic alternatives.


As we move forward, our vision is to see fashion, and various industries, adopt ethical and environmentally responsible practices. Yugen is here to offer a solution that aligns style with sustainability. For designers, brands, and individuals seeking materials that reflect their values without compromising on quality or aesthetics, we're eager to be an ideal choice.


Join us as we continue to explore, innovate, and champion ethical production, all while reducing waste and fostering sustainable solutions – starting with a simple pomegranate peel.

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