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leather, bioleather, plant-based leather

We are an Earth-friendly biomaterials startup,
excited to meet you.


What We Do?

We've harnessed the potential of agricultural waste, pomegranate peels, to craft an eco-conscious alternative to traditional leather. 


In our world, the climate crisis has reached a critical juncture, demanding immediate, industry-wide action.

The fashion realm, encompassing everything from clothing to automobiles and electronics, plays a significant role in this unfolding global narrative. 


We are passionate contributors to a more sustainable future.

By championing circularity and sustainable production, we help reduce the environmental impact across various industries while providing high-performance, ethically produced materials. Our bio-based leather isn't merely a substitute; it's a comprehensive solution that embodies the future of sustainable materials.

New life of a pomegranate


An upcycled pomegranate a day keeps the climate change away.

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